There is no doubt that shoulder bags for men are experiencing their best moment ever, and have entered fashion stores with a fanfare. They are worn by the biggest names in modern show business, from athletes, to actors, to respected personalities serving on the boards of major international companies.

Shoulder bags

Men's shoulder bags are a practical accessory, useful not only for work, but also for university or school. They can accommodate all the necessary small items and gadgets, for which you do not have space in your pockets. A man's shoulder bag should be, above all, functional and have a sufficient number of compartments, including a laptop, tablet or phone compartment. However, let's not forget about aesthetics. You can find the most fashionable, stylish bags in Vitkac.

Men's shoulder bags - to work and for university

Are you looking for a universal bag, which will be useful in many situations? Men's shoulder bags are available in many cuts and sizes, fitting to many different stylizations. If you care about a bag, which you will take with you mainly to work, pay attention to the capacity, as well as the number of compartments. If you carry documents with you, the bag should be stiffened. This way you can be sure that nothing will get crumpled in it. The laptop compartment is also important. It should be closed with a Velcro strap, which allows to stabilize the computer, increasing safety during transport.

A youth shoulder bag for school or university should also be equipped with necessary compartments. Thanks to that you can take notes, notebooks, as well as tablet or iPad with you. Pay attention to the size. A large shoulder bag is a guarantee of comfort and certainty that you will be able to fit all the necessary things in it.

Elegant men's bags: leather or fabric?

Among men's shoulder bags we can find more and more models that suit people of different temperaments and lifestyles. The functionality of this accessory is extremely important, but the visual aspect should not be overlooked. As one of the elements of styling, a bag should be stylish and impressive. A fabric shoulder bag, a leather bag or maybe a bag made of another material - think about what you like best. Also take a look at your closet. Do you dress in a casual or sporty style for work or everyday life? A fabric bag will be the best choice for you. Is smart casual style dominant in your outfits or are you bound by a specific dress code? Opt for a shoulder bag made of leather. If you are not a fan of long straps, you will be surely convinced by the fact that most of such bags are additionally equipped with a comfortable handle.

Small shoulder bag for men or big one?

Going for shopping or meeting with friends you take with you wallet, phone and few other small things? Small men's bags are extremely stylish and will surely satisfy every man following the trends. One shoulder bag of sachet type will meet your expectations perfectly. Most models of this type have one or two zippered compartments, where you can fit the most important items, such as keys and a phone. A small sachet on a belt is comfortable and does not hinder your movements. Among the most fashionable shoulder bags recently, the kidney bag reigns supreme, being the star of not only streetwear but also elegant stylizations.

Looking for an accessory for the gym or weekend trips, check our collection of large men's shoulder bags and sports bags with a wide strap. They are not only comfortable, but also practical. You will successfully fit clothes, shoes and a vanity case in them. Pay attention to the number of compartments and pockets. The material from which the bag was made will also be important. It is best if it is non-marking and, in case of sports bags, functional. Resign yourself to a suede bag, but a leather or cotton one will be the perfect choice.

Best Laptop Bags and Everyday Bags

Need a bag that primarily holds your laptop? Check out our collection of minimalist briefcases. Men's shoulder bag - postbag, a4 or school bag - the choice is yours. This type of bag should definitely find its place in an elegant man's collection. It goes perfectly with a suit. Black, brown or navy blue will be the most universal choice, serving you for many years. You can take it to a business meeting or an important exam, proving your professionalism and sense of style.

Do you follow the trends even to a local store? Be sure to get a large fabric bag, also known as a rag bag. It will fit streetwear trends, giving you charisma. You can match it with your everyday outfit and express yourself at the same time.

You will find fashionable one shoulder bags for men in Vitkac

Look for luxury men's shoulder bags from the best designers in Vitkac. You will find many models by Givenchy, Versace, Fendi, Burberry or Giorgio Armani. Do not hesitate, order a shoulder bag and start living a more comfortable life!


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